ThruLOK Hex head, 8mm Hex drive

ThruLOK Self Drilling Deck Fasteners

The ThruLOK system combines the speed of a LOK product with the strength of a through-bolted connection in three decking applications: Single 2x to 4x Decking Posts (6 1⁄4"), Notched 6x Carrying Beams (7") and Double 2x to Single 4x Decking Posts (8"). One Free 8mm Hex Head Drive Tool with every box.


  • Self drilling/ No pre-drilling
  • Lower cost for deck post and carrying beam connections
  • No drill bits required
  • Galvanized coating for anti-corrosion
Diameter Length Pack Quantity Colour (subject to availability)
7.8 150 24 N/A
7.8 175 24 N/A
7.8 200 24 N/A
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